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Mujhera is a village in the Jansath sub-division of Muzaffarnagar District in Uttar Pradesh. It is the seat of the Kundliwal branch of Sadaat-e-Bahra. History[edit] Sayyed Abul Farah Wasti, a descendant of Zaid bin Ali, who came to India from Wasit, Iraq. In the eleventh century his son Sayyed Dawood settled in Kundli, a village in the Punjab region. His descendant Sayyed Aiwaz and his sons migrated to Mujhera at the invitation of their clansmen, who were already residing in a nearby village, Sambalhera, circa the fourteenth century. An inscribed epitaph of a tomb in Sambalhera village proves Sadaat-e-bahera's presence in Sambalhera in the year 777 AH. The Kundliwal branch of this clan flourished in Mujhera village and gained prominence in Akbar jahangir and Shahjahan's time. Sayyed Mahmud khan KundliwalSayyed Umar Nur Khan Barha, their brothers, sons, and grandsons were all Mansabdar (Military officers)in Mogul court. Tombs of Mahmud khan,Sayyed Umar Nur Khan Barha Sayyid Ahmad Barha, Sayyid Jhajju Barha are situated in this village, alongside a Bawli. References[edit] Mathir-ul-umara by Samsamudaula shahnawaz khan, Janki Prakashan ain-e-Akbari Abul Fazal Henry Beveridge's translation Footnote on Sayyeds of Barha gazettear of Muzaffar Nagar District This Muzaffarnagar district location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e 제목없음


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